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research is published in Thursday's New England Journal of Medicine. Last year, scientists discovered the gene, named FT▓O, was linked to obesity but they did▓n't know why. Most of the other genes thou▓ght to affect body weight influence appet▓ite. Palmer and his colleagues wanted to know if the FTO gene also had to ▓do with eating behavior, or whether it involved how the bo▓dy burns calories. They studied over 2,700 Scottish children ages 4 to 10 and put a group of them thro▓ugh extensive tests. Nearly two-thirds of the children had at least one copy of the gene variant, about the same proportion found in last year's study of mostly white

Eu▓ropeans. That study found that those with one co▓py of the gene variant had a 30 percent increased risk of obesity, and carriers of two cop▓ies had almost a 70 percent increas▓ed risk. The gene variation is also found in o▓ther populations; the frequency in ▓Chinese is about half that of Europeans. After confirming th▓e

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obesity link in the larger Scottish group, the researchers examined 97 of the children. They took a number of measurements, including body fat and metabolic rate. The children were given three meals at school to evaluate their eating behavi

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or. The meal included a mix of fruits and vegetables, ham, cheese, potato chips, chocolate candies and bread rolls. The researchers found that children with the gene variation showed no difference in metabolic rates, leve▓ls of physical ac

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tivity or the amount of food eaten. "The only thing we could find was the fact that th▓ey were eating much richer foods," said Palmer. On average, those with the gene variant ate 100 c▓alories more than those without it. Dr. Rudolph Leibel, a

id. They just migh t have a ten dency to eat more fattening food▓ s."It's stil l your choice, " he said. "This gen e will not mak e you overweight if you do not ove reat."▓ Palme r said the results s upport the the ory that chil▓dho od obesity tod ay could be connected to the widesprea d availabili ty and low cost 双柏县wap 那曲县wap 西青区5G 凌源市wap 大丰市5G 南涧彝族自治县wap 莱西市wap 玉龙纳西族自治县wap 班戈县wap 长丰县wap 炎陵县5G 通道侗族自治县5G 杞县wap 山东省wap 察哈尔右翼中旗5G 周宁县5G 阳泉市wap 许昌县wap 长沙市5G 闽侯县5G 传奇私服免费挂机外挂 热血传奇私服连击 变态传奇私服新服网 热血传奇私服挂机外挂 现在传奇私服客户端 传奇私服加速器免费下载 传奇私服版本购买 手机传奇私服外挂 盛大传奇私服登陆器 传奇私服补丁解压无效